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We will gladly take up the challenge. , to your industry, which will help you effectively automate your business.The most popular methods are: hiding content, e. with a white font on a white background of the website – usually hidden content is associated with stuffed keywords that are to remain invisible to the user, but will be readable by search engine robots hiding text by using a very small text font hiding links adding text off the screen, e. in the margin invisible to the user.

Keyword stuffing Keyword stuffing

The excessive use of phrases in the content by stuffing them with keywords in an unnatural way. This technique is used not only in the content, but also in the Title and Meta Description meta tags and as separate lines of text, e. listing keywords after a comma in the footer of the page. The effect of such action is to improve the position of the database site in search results. How to securely optimize the content on the website? The action that an SEO specialist should take as part of White Hat SEO practices is to create good quality content that is linguistically correct and is also supposed to. Help position the website for specific keywords and bring value to the user.

One of the updates of the Google algorithm


The graceful name of Panda was to eliminate from the serp sites containing pages with the so-called. thin content. What is thin content? We can distinguish several Black Hat SEO techniques that use the placement of low-quality content only for positioning: pages with automatically generated content, pages with too little unique content and IT Email List subpages that do not differ much from each other, too much content saturation with keywords. Hidden content on the page, low-value texts for users. From the guidelines that Google gives us. It is clear that all content that is not useful to your. Potential customer is also worthless to the search engine.

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