Majority of Social Media Users by Posting


You can reach the vast majority of social media users by posting on one or two big social platforms. But which platforms you use   and how many   will vary. As we just said. Social network preferences vary by age. Gender. And geography. The more demographic groups you’re trying to reach. The more social accounts you’ll nee to reach them in the places they spend time online. The size of your company also has an impact. A small business will likely start with one account per platform. But as you grow. You might nee separate handles for. Say. Customer service and marketing. This is when it becomes critical to understand how to manage multiple social media accounts for business purposes.

Best Approach Is to Start Small and Grow

The best approach is to start small and grow as you get more comfortable with your tools and brand voice. It’s better to do a great job on a couple of accounts than a meiocre job on many. How many social media accounts does the average person have. The average person uses. 

Social platforms every b2b email list month and spends 2 hours and 27 minutes per day using social media. Here’s a look at how social media usage overlaps among platforms. Social media platforms user overlaps hootsuite and we are social. The global state of digital 2021. Q4 update the best software to. Manage multiple social media accounts we won’t lie. Managing multiple social platforms can be tough.

Things Get Especially Risky When You’re Managing

Things get especially risky when you’re managing. Personal and professional accounts from the same device. Or. If you’re thinking about how to manage social media accounts for multiple clients. You don’t want to accidentally spark a pr disaster by sharing something on the wrong fee. Trying to manage multiple social media profiles using different apps is also time-consuming and inefficient. 

The amount of time you spend IT Email List opening and closing tabs alone adds up fast. Fortunately. The right software can make the job much easier. You won’t be surprise to learn that we think hootsuite is the best social media management platform for handling multiple accounts. Centralizing all of your social media activities in one unifie dashboard saves a ton of time.

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