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Systems Building Business Processes.  On The Basis Of Workflow.  The Company Loses.  Flexibility, Unwittingly Encourages.  Formalism In Work.  Loses Resources Due To.  Administrative Costs And Expenses For The Development Of It Architecture. Disadvantages Of Ei-base Management Document Movement Routes Are Not Equivalent To Business Process Models; Ems Do Not Allow You To Control The Result Of Business Processes If They Go Beyond Simple Coordination; Erms Data Is Difficult To Integrate Into Processes Supporte By Other Systems (Especially Gis); Workflow By Itself Does Not Eliminate Functional Barriers Between Department.

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Is Not Limite To The Tasks Of Office Work Business Logic Has To Be Built Taking Into Account The Supporte File Formats. Organizations Are Gradually Abandoning The Ems In Favor Of Other Accounting And Management Systems, Since The Internal Vietnam Phone Number List Workflow Has Exhauste Itself Morally, And Integrate Solutions Are Neee For Legal Support. Document Management By Means Of Bpms Bpms Help To Build A Management System In Which Documents Are Neee Only To Fix Legally Significant Information, And Office Work Plays A Subordinate Role And Is Fully Automate. The Employee Works Not With Documents, But With Data Collection Forms. The System Does Not Record The Arrival Of A File, But The Result Of A Given Action. Having Competently Built Business Processes In The Enterprise And Abandone The Supremacy.

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At The Forefront Many Companies Have Notice  Become Easier And Office Work Has Accelerate. At The Same Time, It Is Not Necessary To Carry Out Such Care Abruptly. Using Solutions Base On The Comindware Business Application Platform , A Business IT Email List Gets The Opportunity To Use Both Ems And Bpm – And Then Simply Regulate Which “rails” These Or Those Processes Will Follow. Ems On The Comindware Business Application Platform Comindware Business Application Platform Is A Platform For Automating Business Processes Using Low-code  Then Put It Into Production With The Support Of An It Department, Vendor Or Integrator. Creating Convenient Solutions  Bpmn 2.0; Business Process Diagrams Are Not Tie To  External Services And Systems Via Api; A Library Of Ready-made.

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