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Usually – if not always – advertisers make use of social Fective social mia influencers and their engag followers in live Shopping. The influencer advertises the event on their own social mia channels but the live event itself is often held on the website of the online store. During the live the influencer presents e.g. the outfits he has chosen from the selection of the online store. At the same time people following the live can comment on Lives events in real time.

Platform tests innovations in small groups

Especially to develop search innovations. The of users wes out the ones that fail and implements the ones that work on the entire platform. The new e-commerce integration announc by TikTok offers more and more opportunities business email list to support digital sales and marketing and to track advertising results. Brands using the WooCommerce online store can for example synchronize their product catalogs and monitor the data accumulat from website events which can be us to develop their advertising and the customers purchase path.

Platform as a search engine rather than Google

business email list

However artificial intelligence does not know your company strategy and operating environment. It might drive sales conversions while blindly chasing the advertising budget for IT Email List low-margin products and doesnt understand for example regulation. In the domestic market it is also necessary to remember that algorithms and artificial intelligence are design to work f by the data points of at least hundrs of millions of users in which case they do not necessarily receive for example a sufficient number of transactions from

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