While You Are No Longer Developing Your Shopee Brand


This also means that you must fulfill the order as soon as you receive it. Make sure you update your schedule regularly if you have a lot of orders so you don’t delay product delivery.

But don’t submit an order without inspecting the item first. Make sure your product is in the most optimal condition before shipping. Otherwise, this will also be reflected in their reviews.

But regardless of how well you optimize your operational procedures, one or two negative reviews still occasionally pop up. In that case, simply send the customer a message asking for their problem. Do your best to find solutions to their problems. Once everything is resolved, you can ask the customer to change the review. Most of the time, customers agree to change a negative review to a five-star review if their problem is given a resolution.

Strategically Increase Sales Per Buyer 

There are two strategies you can incorporate into your Shopee store to increase your sales per buyer. One way is through increasing basket sizes through vouchers and bundle offers. Discounts and money saved will encourage shoppers to reach a minimum spend so they can enjoy a reduced cost of their purchase.

Second, increase sales per buyer through cross-selling and upselling. Cross-selling is concerned with encouraging customers to purchase complementary products of the item they wish to purchase. To make the transaction more attractive, you must lower the cost of complementary products.

Upselling, on the other hand, goes whatsapp mobile number list something like this: the buyer looks at the Nintendo Switch Lite. To upgrade your product, you’ll need to convince your customer to switch their purchase to a Nintendo Switch Original Set. For your bid to be successful, you must lower the price of the item.

Watch Your Competitors

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In order to move up or maintain a certain position, it is important to always double-check what your competitors are doing.

To do this manually will take a lot of your time which could be used for other marketing/sales driven tasks (or even Shopee conversion rate optimization tasks).

To better allocate your time, we suggest you use Split Dragon’s Competitor Tracking Feature . Split Dragon is working IT Email List on the sidelines keeping tabs on your competitors. Whenever there is a change in your competitor’s shop/product, you will receive an email alert from us informing you of the change.

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