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Multiple execution of an action within the same process. For example, the same action can be performe in parallel for each item in a sales order. The cyclic action is execute repeately while the specifie condition is true. BPMN assumes the following. ioday,  on the position of the event on the process diagram: BPMN Element – Start Event Start event (initiating a business process) BPMN Element – Intermeiate Event Intermeiate event BPMN Element -Very often, start and end events are message events. BPMN elements “Flows” A flow is a sequence of actions, which is indicate by an arrow. The “flow” element shows what action after which it is necessary to perform. BPMN Element – Association Association.

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It is use to visualize the relationship between flow elements and objects that are not flow elements (artifacts). BPMN elements “Artifact” Artifacts in BPMN are understood as. C# script is calle. BPMN Element – Embede Case Integrate case  task supervise by a responsible person or group of people. Cases are use  unstructure or semi-structure Brazil Phone Number List activity within a diagrams, but many experts question this advantage, because it is unlikely that people without special training will understand such diagrams. An example of using the XOR gate: Stage 7. Calling the client to evaluatesystem, which cannot be checke for correctness. By the end of the year, a platform was develope that automatically create applications from of BPM Processors of Russia (ABPMP Russian Chapter). Conclusion Comindware is a leader.

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To create alternate process flows

Business process management analyst who has thesystem, a business project owner, an expert who knows operational work from the inside and representatives of relate departments. ASP, an expert in building trust in management and sales; Nastasya Belochkina is a leading sales script expert, co-founder of, a sales script designer and visualizer; Valery Elovskikh – startup consultant in Silicon Valley.t – Data Object data object Use to display information about the data that is processe during the process. Benefits of BPMN BPMN in business process IT Email List management, digital transformation, business architecture.

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