Best Selling Lazada Products In Every Asean Country


With millions of products available on the platform itself, it’s no secret that Lazada has grown into a behemoth of an e-commerce platform in less than a decade. In line with the traditional sales marketplace with a digital touch, the platform is best known for the barrage of flash sale announcements and product opportunities that line its homepage. This is a goldmine and opportunity for both sellers and buyers.

While it may be clear to see that the secret to Lazada’s success is simple, it’s also an effort that launches a variety of questions — the most common of which is: “ what are the best-selling products on Lazada for each region? 

Lazada Singapore

Therefore, Singapore is Lazada’s home base and although relatively small, a good market to sell to due to its sophisticated customer base. Because of this, it makes perfect sense to start with a tech-savvy country that is familiar with eCommerce.

What sells best here? : Based on whatsapp mobile number list findings compiled by our Product Analysis Tool, electronics are the top sellers for Lazada Singapore — which makes it a prime location for any seller offering the latest gadgets. In recent years, game consoles such as the PS4 and XBOX One (and the games that came with them) have seen higher sales alongside Kindles and other tablets.

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Lazada Indonesia

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Therefore, Of all the countries that make up ASEAN, one of the most promising countries for e-commerce activities in Indonesia. In IT Email List the next decade, Indonesia is projecte to experience its highest growth rate. This is due to the rapidly increasing penetration rate of eCommerce.

What sells best here? : In general, Indonesians have a strong penchant for fashion accessories, auto parts, and tech gadgets — all of which have been recognize as top performing categories on Lazada Indonesia.

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