Digitization And Automation


Integration Of Different Systems Scalability Cloud Technologies Output Of Statistical Data “Core” And “Sandbox” How And Why To Digitally Transform? Who Nees Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation Powere By Comindware History Of Digital Transformation Data Digitization (Digitization). It Was First Held By Ibm In 1964. The Essence Of Digitization Is Simple: The Transfer Of Information From Paper Documents, Contracts , As Well As Photographs, Film Video Recordings To Digital Format. This Phase Introduces Spreadsheets, Word Processing, And Calculations. Automation. It Became An Important Trend In The Next Historical Stage. The Meaning Of Automation Is To Organize Convenient Storage, Information Retrieval, And Quick Data Exchange Between Employees.

The Emphasis Is On

Improving Spee Reucing Paper Costs. And Also On Bringing Data Into One System: Many Erp Systems (Enterprise Resource Accounting) Work On This Principle. Digital Transformation Of Business. Digital Transformation Is A More Complex  Algeria Phone Number List Concept Than . The Main Difference Is That For The Previous Two Stages It Is Easy To Implement Technologies: Has The Company Switche To Electronic Documents? Digitization Complete. Do All Employees Use An Accounting System? This Means That The Automation Was Also Successful. Digital Transformation Is Not So Easy. Technology Alone Is Indispensable Here: It Will Require The Introduction Of Software And A Review Of Business Principles. That Is, Technology (Any) Does Not Make Business Digital. Digital Transformation Is More Correctly Define As A Restructuring Of.

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A Company Activities That

Allows It To Adapt To The Changes Taking Place Around It And Quickly Respond To Them. Benefits Of Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Gives The Company The Following: Acceleration Of Business Processes, Reuction Of Costs – Increase In Labor Productivity. New Ways To Make Money. For Example, A Company Implements IT Email List Technologies That Allow Tracking The Technical Condition Of A Car Purchase By A Client And Offers Timely Repairs And Inspections. Deepening Interaction With Customers To Increase The Value For Them Of The Goods And Services Create By The Company. This Can Be Seen In The Very Applications Where The Client.

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